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The following are suggestions of story ideas. Matthew Perosi is an expert in the field of internet marketing and mobile marketing with a long history on the internet. Matthew can speak on a number of topics, including: SEO, social networking, mobile marketing, blogging, web photography techniques, measuring human usability, website design, cost-effective marketing, business management, team management, location based services, how to tie all these and more together for a positive internet marketing strategy.

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Understanding QR Codes and Avoiding Mistakes: Most QR Code marketing is deployed incorrectly. Most QR Code marketing campaigns bring users to the wrong website, incorrectly display information on the smartphone screen, mislead the users, or simply do not work. There's a lot more to QR Codes than simply generating the 2D barcode for your website. Testing is critical, unfortunately most code produce disappointing results.

Turning Your Smartphone Into the Most Important Marketing Tool: Most smartphone owner you carry their phones with them everywhere. It doesn't matter where they go, or what they do. Many even sleep with the phones right next to their bed. There is an addiction to knowing you are always in touch with your closest friends, family, stock quotes and emails. What most business owners don't realize is how their phones can turn into cash generating machines. The techniques are really easy, and in most cases free except for personal time.

Facebook Social Marketing for Businesses: Facebook is an amazing social website and cell phone application. More users access Facebook daily from their cell phones than from computers. Understanding how to position yourself as a professional, and how to correctly position your company on Facebook is critically important. Be friendly and stay within the Facebook terms of service.

Who is Your Target Audience? Understanding your target audience is vitally important to discovering how to structure your marketing. Every age group, and every demographic is different. Learn where they are, and how to become visible in their daily life.

Top 5 Blog Tips: Blogging has become a main source of current news and events in our world. Google monitors many blogs and returns those articles instantly. What are the top 5 things a business can do, when creating a blog, to avoid pitfalls? What's the best blogging software to use?

Quick Tips for SEO: With Search Engine Optimization and in today's world there is a clear difference between right and wrong methods. The techniques have changed, and they change every day. What are some long standing quick tips that can easily be integrated into a business’ Internet strategy that will make a difference? What are some items to avoid that are time-consuming, costly, or do not deliver results?

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