Who is Matthew Perosi?

Online since 1988, Matthew Perosi has a log list of internet experiences to his credit. He maintains very active social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also find him on every social network with the username @matthewperosi.

Through his social accounts he shares what he finds out about existing and emerging technologies and how they will be personally useful or for useful for businesses.

He's best known as the Chief Thinker of Sapphire Collaborative, a forward thinking website development and marketing agency.

He's detailed credits include...

Internet Expert

His normal work day is filled with analysis of the hows and whys of consumer react to products and brands. The the public reaction to a marketing strategy or new technology seldom meets initial expectations. As an internet analyst, it's his job to examine these reactions and figure out how to make them better for businesses.

There's more to being an internet expert than just figuring out a "proven selling strategy" and packaging a webinar or training class about it. Most experts doing that are churning their own get-rich-quick schemes.

Expertise is gained through years of hands on experience in a field, failures, and sticking with it long enough to have a success. Since first getting online in 1988 he has witnessed many businesses with online successes and marketing failures; learning from his mistakes and the mistakes of others along the way.

Profit Coach

Profit Coach Matthew PerosiA profit coach is a Business Coach that focuses on your bottom line profits, and how to account for your profits first.

Although it might seem obvious that any business coach will help you improve your bottom line profits, very few are specifically trained for that purpose and can guide you to those profits.

Past coaching clients described Matthew as "brutally honest, but in a kind and needed way," and as "a guide to a better business, living, and better standard of life that was being missed."

Matthew Perosi is an experienced entrepreneur with successes and failures. You can't have the successes unless you also suffer through the failures. His coaching methods draw from his own experiences, human observation, and even from what he learns from his clients.

For Matthew, business coaching isn't something that can be learned from a class or a book, but rather, it's the passing on of wisdom that can only be gained through experience.

Have a quick conversation with him face to face at a trade show or over the telephone and you'll find that he freely offers solutions for many business problems and innovative internet marketing strategies. He continually shares his business experience and recommendations beyond the internet.

Event Speaker

Watch any motivational or inspirational speaker and you'll immediately feel like you can take on the world. Sadly, that feeling fades as soon as you return to the reality of your daily grind.

Watch most training seminars and you'll walk away feeling upset that you have to somehow find time for yet another activity in your life. Often times you either have to figure out how to do it on your own or else need to find the money to hire another agency or consultant.

Matthew's seminars and training events don't offer overrated motivation or leave you feeling defeated. Through storytelling of his direct experience, trials, errors, wasted money, wasted time, and a lot of research he will explain just enough details of a topic so attendees can immediately take action once they leave.

Although he runs his own internet and marketing agency, he rarely sells from the stage. His seminars are designed to be a real benefit for attendees rather than a springboard for his own personal profits.

Available in the USA or in Europe, choose an event speaker that will provide a truly actionable learning experience.

Previous speaking credits include trade shows like JA, MJSA, IJO, RJO, and JCK. Regional speaking credits include SCORE events, Meetups, and ProfitCON. His has also been found teaching jewelry photography at special events held at FIT in New York City.

Jewelry Industry Advocate

Matthew Perosi is the founder of the Jeweler Website Advisory Group (jwag.biz). On jWAG you'll find a lot of published research that provides scalpel sharp marketing and training for retail jewelry store owners, jewelry designers, and e-tail jewelry stores.

He also manages the consumer facing blog and social accounts for TheJewelryIWant.com and @jewelryiwant.

Retail jewelers are hesitant to adopt new technology and forward marketing ideas, which is why Matthew works with them to explain how such things could improve an existing business. When it comes time for retirement it's better to have a profitable business that can be sold rather than one that must be liquidated, and that's what Matthew can help you with.

New jewelry designers are faced with completely different challenges as start-ups or managing production and cash flow. Matthew offers his help as a business coach or marketing agency that can help build up the popularity of emerging designers.


Matthew is the technical writer for the monthly trade magazine Retail Jewelry Magazine. He is the business and internet blogger for jWAG. You'll also find him contributing to The Jewelry I Want blog.

His editorials have also appeared in the Jewelry Business Advisor magazine, and the MJSA Journal.

He has covered many jewelry events as a photo journalist, including MJSA Expo and JA Shows in New York City, the JCK and Couture shows in Las Vegas, and the Bijorhca show in Paris.

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