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Internet marketing expert researcher, mobile marketing consultant & educator Matthew Perosi is a student of human behavior within the digital world. His observations and research have helped shape website usability mostly for the retail jewelry industry and provided the same jewelry stores with subtle techniques to capture the attention of consumers within a few hundred to a few thousand meters of their brick and mortar retail jewelry store.

Matt incorporates various social networking techniques into business marketing in a way that delivers results. He tinkers with new internet devices and technologies and decides what's good for business and what's simply a waste of time, which saves his students a lot of time and money finding out on their own.

Matthew is the mastermind behind the Jeweler Website Advisory Group (jWAG) and most of the educational material presented there. He's also the solo author of the jWAG Daily Gold Nugget emails that are sent to subscribers. More than 450 consecutive days of bite sized educational nugget have already been written.

There are currently 4 eBooks to Matt's credit ad well as more than 60 hours of video training available mostly through YouTube.

Using Foursquare, various blogs, maintaining SEO on dozens of sites, Facebook usability (and frustrations),Google+ adaptations, Twitter, mobile marketing, and other social networking tools, Matt practices what he preaches. A quick Google search for "Matthew Perosi" will return 20+ pages of his online exploits from the USA to Europe.

Dig deep into Matt's recommendations, online SEO guidelines and forward thoughts and CEOs, corporate executives, authors and bloggers will be surprised how easily they can apply cost-effective ideas and generate results.

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This online press kit is designed to meet the needs of the media. Media contact is Justina Atkins at 973-413-8211 or contact via the online form on this site. You can also visit Matthew Perosi's jWAG site at: You can follow Matt on Twitter at:

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