QR Codes the Right Way

Are QR Codes in your marketing future? It's so easy to do this wrong.

As of early 2012, most marketing companies and printers don't understand the QR Code technology. It seems like so many of them believe that you can just slap a QR Code on an ad and people will scan them.

Unfortunately, that type of action has led to many consumers disappointment and frustration with then entire marketing medium. When the customers are disappointed the first time they scan a QR Code they tend not to bother scan another.

Matthew Perosi has experimented with QR Codes cine 2008 and actively studied the effectiveness of QR Codes since June 2010. He's as close to a "10,000 Hour Expert" as you can have right now.

Don't let your QR Code marketing fall into the failure bucket, give Matthew a call.

Here are three examples of QR Code marketing. Two of them are horrible failures and one was done right. The problem is that you would never know they were failures during the planning stages.

Once they were deployed in the real world they became failures.

Real world study and usefulness of QR Codes is what sets Matthew Perosi apart from other marketing guys and QR Code marketing people.

QR Codes
Bordeaux, France - This street sign has a QR Code and they did it correctly.

QR Codes
NYC - That's a large QR Code painted on the side of a building, and it's a total failure.

QR Codes
NYC - That's a QR code on the bottom of the sign on a trash can. Epic Failure.

QR Codes

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